ExeVis Executive Consulting brings in the right
expert for your task, when needed.
We understand the mission, build the proper
team of experts and deliver top results with
minimal management distraction.
Business Plan & Strategy  

We help start-up teams, who are looking for
investors, define the strategy and formulate
business plans.
Benefit from our experience and increase your
chances to get funded and build a successful
Sales Process Improvement

Cost of sales is usually a large budget
component. Sales process improvements
increase the success rate and overall company
ExeVis assists managers to streamline the sales
methodology, align it with the go-to-market
strategy, and improve existing processes.
Product Strategy & Marketing

Our product related services include:
development of coherent product
strategy and road map, new vertical
penetration, launching new products,
branding and corporate marketing,
developing product collaterals,
coordinating marketing campaigns.

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