ExeVis Management Services provides exceptional executive talent to step fast into diverse
operational situations. See some examples below:

Temporary role with operational responsibility

In this situation, hiring would be too slow and expensive for a temporary position. When the job
requires a manager's approach, rather than a contractor or consultant, we bring in the relevant
interim managers for the duration of the project.

Transition manager

Replacing a key manager is a sensitive task. Doing it in a hurry, can produce long-term damage.
Therefore, a two phase solution is beneficial: an
ExeVis interim manager can handle the short-term
situation, until the permanent manager is recruited, ramped-up and ready to take over.

Change to grow

Your company has decided to introduce major changes to enable accelerated growth (e.g cover a
new market, change go-to-market strategy). This might require a new approach, new skills and
major structural changes in organization and processes.
ExeVis Interim Management facilitates fast  
change process, complementing the skills of your team and reducing the overall risk. The transfer of
knowledge continues until the new structure and processes are established and function properly.
When you cannot afford trial and error,
and you need unbiased advise:

Call Exevis Interim Management
Turnaround Management

Managing a financially stable company can be very
challenging. But stabilizing a troubled one, turning
it into a successful, profitable and growing
operation, takes all the stamina you can get. We
provide a systematic approach that works.
During restructuring processes, interim managers
keep their objectivity  and are perceived as
Investment and M&A

Looking for an investment or merger &
acquisition opportunity, is a time consuming
process, which can defocus management
when they are expected to produce the best
commercial results.
If you cannot afford to spend your time and
resources with an investment bank,
can facilitate such processes in a cost-efficient
International  Business Development

You push your direct sales to generate the
maximum revenue every quarter. But building a
sales channel, developing new geographies, creating
strategic partners takes time and focus. Therefore,
many times these items remain on the to-do list for
too long.
ExeVis provides cost-effective answers to
your Business Development needs world-wide.
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